Be one of our 20 thousand people (CLICK HERE), with your monthly 20p/m – or once off – donation – of any currency, we are scaling UP – JOY…  Together as a united front of loads of people being a stand for joy – we are both celebrating 20 years of sharing joy and making sure we scale UP – JOY, HOPE and UPskill thousands (Currently our co-creative UPskilling is focused on FOOD SECURITY).

With just 20,000 donors contributing just 20 per month, our new scaled UP – basic monthly overheads – will be covered.

WILL YOU BE IN PART OF 20 20 20 – 20K donors, giving 20 per month – by our 20th Birthday – which is 16th December 2023 – our goal is 1000 monthly donors for every year of our sharing of joy. Are you in?

Let’s Scale Up Joy and grow hope together in South Africa!

Together our kindness can UPlift the entire morale of our country!

#ARK – Act of Remarkable Kindess… we are sharing and inspiring all to do ARKS & become a monthly or once off donor today and bonus – please share…

We are creating our largest ever “lots of a little” funding campaigns… 20-20-20

MISSION – 20 – 20 – 20
20,000 Joy Partners
donating 20 (or more) p/m –

MIGHT YOU – take the cost of 1 coffee and make it your monthly budget for growing JOY?


Together, we shall be on an exciting journey to sustain and expand our joy works. To unite and share joy, grow hope and UPskill (right now – we are partnering with stakeholders to secure food). Let’s do it – JOY, HOPE & FOOD in many more lives. With our 20 years of dedicated service, we’ve seen the combination of joy, creative arts and community connections – to ignite hope and engage active citizenship – we then teach with that UPlifted morale. Now we are asking all our sUPporters to become partners with UP – so we can have consistent resources.


All the collective support ensures operational success and inspired grassroots joy, hope and food, and even assists TV programs like UP4JOY – “Almal Wen Saam” to be produced, ensuring further reach to thousands of young people and inspiring them all to make a stand for a thriving South Africa together.

Let’s share joy, grow hope and food, and transform thousands of lives together.

Join us to co-create a flourishing future. Join UP today – sign up for monthly or once off donations right here. 20 20 20 – Let’s scale UP Joy in South Africa – Together, we share joy and grow hope!

Ways to Donate

You can use GivenGain to become a monthly donor, make a once-off contribution or start your own fundraiser for theUP!

Alternatively you can also use Zapper or Snapscan by using the QR codes or do an EFT using the bank details below.

Bank Details

UPliftment Programme
Standard bank
07-253-854-6 CURRENT

Business Donors

We welcome Brands / Businesses to support our joyful activities!

With just R3000 your company can sponsor a whole joy session and with as little as R66,000 your company can sponsor an entire programme.

Please contact UP for customized proposals, hands on CSI joy sessions and for company specific outreach programmes and partnerships – via


We are on a mission to bring joy to children and youth in homes & schools around South Africa!

Tax Certificates

TheUP is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930/018/482) in South Africa.

This means individual and corporate donors can request tax certificates for contributions (anything up to 10% of your taxable income is tax-deductible) and you can smile – knowing some of your tax money is literally sUPporting the co-creation of more joy, food and hope South Africa (& if we keep this UP – soon – the world too).



We welcome and UPpreciate all sUPport.

Little by little – a little becomes a lot. Thanks for contributing to the growth of JOY, HOPE and FOOD!

THANK YOU to these remarkable sUPporters for keeping The UP on the UP and UP…

  • Make An immediate Difference Foundation
  • The David Graaff Foundation
  • Total E&P South Africa
  • Ford Motor Corporation of South Africa
  • Lewis Stores
  • Secret Sunrise
  • Harry Curtis & co.
  • Soul Circus
  • Hetzner
  • Vertical Response
  • Inkfish
  • Coza Productions
  • Valley Food Gardens
  • Red Fox Pictures

And these remarkable individuals for the on-going support of JOY:

Susy Macfarlane, Bob Commin, Jenny Braun, Steve Vosloo, Nikki Jackman, Jenny Braun, Fred Donaldson, Dr Bernie Warren, Torsten Kremser, Karen Christian, Mireille Van Reenen, Lanel Van Der Kolff, Helen Noorman, Cherie Horne, Paula Slabbert, Dani Weinberg, Shiri Kaplan, Tamar Miller, Yakira Stein, Nurit Neimann, Robyn Shani and all the other amazing examples of humanKIND that show up as volunteers and joy facilitators around South Africa. Thank you to all who step UP to share joy and care with so many!!!