We Care for the Caregivers

We Care for those who bring so much care to others…

The UP brings the power of joy to those in service – nurses, teachers, caregivers of all kinds – connecting and inspiring them through non-competitive games, dance, joy tools and laughter.

All sessions are free for NGO’s and CBO’s.

Benefits of our sessions

Renewed motivation, creativity, morale, and meaning in life.

Increased energy and resilience to stress.

Elevated enthusiasm and increased wellbeing.

Alleviation of symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety and panic attacks.

The Experience

When a group has had a shared uplifting experience – they see each other differently for all time. The past challenges and conflicts seem less important and the foundation for more compassion and care exists. HumanKIND has the ability to be both human and KIND again!


  • Choose between a once off team boost (45 mins) or a power intensive training sessions (2-3 hours) with joy tools and interactive games.
  • These sessions are done in partnership with Secret Sunrise.
  • All sessions are free for NGO’s and CBO’s

Click below if you are a not for profit organisation and or a community organisation and you would like to request a free joy session for your group.

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Joy for TEAMS

Employee wellness and team building, 16 years of joy learnings await your team!

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Joy for Children

Music, movement, joy tools to learners of all ages in schools & children’s homes.

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Joy Training

Join our family of Joy Catalysts and Facilitators – let’s expand joy together!

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