How we share joy

We combine creative arts, with professional facilitation, to share joy (emotional & mental wellness), the fun and safe environment we create with each tailored session – ensures the learnings memorable and the hope sustainable!

With each space we visit, or host online – we tailor the joy experience according to the predominant ages and culture. We combine many creative artis, including music, non-competitive games, dance, mindfulness practices, connection exercises and we weave in “joy tools” learning, and hacks for growing food – in uplifting sessions, mostly for about an hour (sometimes longer, most often hourly in a sequence of weekly / monthly sessions).

CLICK HERE – if you’d like to see one of our many “JOY TOOLS” – Full JOY TOOLBOX coming soon.

Most of our sessions are done in person, with our professionally trained joy facilitators, who hold the space and guide the experience. We also offer online sessions – where needed to.


We have four key areas where we do outreach and UPliftment.

Joy for Caregivers

Caregivers are consistently giving and supporting those who need it most. We take care of these remarkable humans – providing wellness to ensure they are topped UP with JOY!


Joy for Young People

We bring creative joy sessions and joy tools to uplift youth and children.  We also bring inspired transformative games to young adults. We encourage all our young people to be the source of joy and care in their communities.


Joy for Woman

We actively support trauma impacted women – of all ages.

Through tailor-made sessions, sharing circles, joy workshops and the sharing of joy tools – we inspire women to dream and to BLOOM again!


Joy Training 

Across South Africa we have trained Joy Facilitators of all ages – they in turn step UP to share joy with those in need. Join our family of Joy Catalysts and Facilitators – let’s grow joy, hope & food together!