Care Clowning

Care Clowning is a globally accepted addition to healthcare systems, uplifting the emotional state of patients, supports their recovery and or acceptance of their state.

We offer a comprehensive Care Clown training around South Africa and soon online for anyone on the internet. Our training is designed out of over 11years of practical experience of this profoundly joyous work in hospitals, disability homes and orphanages in South Africa.

We encourage individuals, groups and families that want to be Joy Activists here in Southern Africa or internationally to drop us an email, so we can update you on the dates coming UP in your area or online.

Our commitment is to train you, support you and welcome you to the growing joy family. Training takes 15 hrs and we encourage trained UP Care Clowns to do 1hr commitment, ideally once a week, or at least once a month… Only after 10 visits are you considered an official Care Clown.

I’ve been inspired to look on the bright side of things and I’m eternally grateful.
You’ve picked me out of the downward spiral I was in and helped me understand what I really want from life.

Grade10 learner


Everyone with heart can do this and together we are ALL – ‘On the UP’


Training happens over a weekend or successive evenings & includes your first mentored visit to a hospital or home.
The training includes finding your “Inner and Outer Care Clown”. the Outer covers the CLOWN: includes your movements, body awareness, make-up, costumes, hygeiene etc and the exploration of your name & character.

The inner – covers the CARE part of the care Clowning and involves practical exercises, with tools that develop the inner self and enhance play skills, adaptability & sensitivity; ALL designed to help you overcome FEAR & choose LOVE.

Care Clowns are trained in groups, so together the group’s helps maintain the week visits. This way when 1 or 2 folk can’t make the visit – the consistency of the visits are still maintained and the children can rely on their weekly loving & JOYful time.


Training is available in Cape Town, Joburg, Garden Route and KZN and soon to be in Mpumalanga & Namibia. ‘The UP’ has grown to become a nationwise organisation and growing global Joy MoVement and we say “YAY” to that.

R1000 (or R500 for scholars, pensioners students) this fee includes training manuals.

We also offer bursaries and accept trade exchanges such as the Talent Exchange

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