UPlift our Women

The UPliftment Programme has supported thousands of women in our two decades and we officially began running outreach joy sessions tailored to women – at a GBV Safe House in Cape Town in 2021. We now tailor these types of women sessions specifically to the needs of our beneficiaries (women, and sometimes their children). We have developed joy tools specifically to support women affected by GBV and other trauma – to transform the victim story – into the “Victor” story and bloom again.

Tailored Sessions

We tailor JOY sessions for Women overcoming trauma

Our Joy Sessions are:

  • About 45-60 minutes long
  • Guided by our professionally trained Joy Catalysts and Facilitators
  • Tailored to the predominant age and culture
  • Designed to leave the woman uplifted, enthused and inspired!

Why we do this

Women are the fundamental to the wellness of our communities, historically when women are taken care of, communities thrive.

And emotional and Mental Wellness is paramount to restoring hope and our ability to be active citizens. So we gather women and share abilities to be resourceful, creative and even more innovative. It is our passion with The UP, to ensure all people receive access to these inspired joy sessions and access to the JOY Tools – that support the sustaining of JOY, HOPE and now also how to secure food too.

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Joy Training

Join our family of Joy Facilitators by becoming accredited through our training program – let’s expand joy and hope together.

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Joy for Women

Our Joy Sessions & joy tools are tailored to actively support trauma impacted women - of all ages to leave the victim story and BLOOM again!

Uplift OUR Women

JOY for Young People

UP4JOY - Inspiring Children, Youth & Young Adults to be kind, caring and active in community. We also bring inspired JOY training to school going children