We are UP for more joy in the world…

We are an Arts for Health public benefit organisation, co-creating a movement of joy throughout Southern Africa and the world.

It’s our vision to have a world where JOY is the general emotional state of being. So we are bringing waves of joy to where it’s needed most. We are Uplifting and inspiring humankind to join UP and practice being both human and kind and be the source of joy they wish to see in the world too.


What we do

We are a socio-emotional upliftment programme. We professionally train joy facilitators and catalysts and support them to bring joy sessions to the communities who need it most, including hospitals, homes, community organisations and previously disadvantaged schools.

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Joy for Caregivers

Caregivers, Teachers and those in Service are our focus  – we UPlift & create joy!

Uplift your caregivers

Early Childhood Development

Music, movement, joy tools to young children in ECD centres.

uplift your ECD kids

UP4JOY – Joy for Youth & Young Adults

Tailored sessions for youth centres, schools and children’s homes.

uplift your youth

Joy Training

Join our family of Joy Catalysts and Facilitators – let’s expand joy together!

uplift & upskill

The UPstory

We began sharing joy with children in Red Cross Childrens Hospital in August 2003 and over the years we’ve had hundreds of volunteers share joy with thousands of children, parents and staff, evolving our joy movement through 18 years of joyful service. 

Nowadays our uplifting sessions and training models, which include mindfulness, emotional wellness, creative self expression and socio-emotional upliftment, is focused on care-givers, and children in schools and homes from previously disadvantaged areas.  

We train up joy facilitators and even corporate teams and will continue to support and collaborate with all those who want to unite and UPlift our societies and co-create a joyous world. 

We invite you to support and or join us as we continue to enthuse more joy in Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, Businesses and Communities.