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Consider this:

The UP has organically grown its programs for two decades. With annual budgets averaging – at under R200k, we managed our resources and developed over 6 successful grassroots programs in 4 regions of South Africa!


Investing in The UP – means more JOY for more people!

Our first 2 decades – over 800 Joy facilitators UPlifted over 50 000 beneficiaries!

Now responding to the mammoth scale need for emotional wellness and food security, we are scaling UP our JOY WORKS and simultaneously merging efforts with our affiliate partners to swiftly support food security too.

Let’s UP level JOY and GROW HOPE & FOOD in South Africa.

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The UPstory

We began sharing joy with children in Red Cross Children’s Hospital in August 2003 and over the years we’ve had hundreds of volunteer and professional joy facilitators share joy with thousands, evolving our joy movement through two decades of joyful service. 

It’s worth noting – that our annual budgets for the first ten years were under R100k and the last ten years averaged at under R250k. Consider the juggle of those resources as we engaged joyfully over these 20 years and emotionally UPlifted in excess of 50 000 beneficiaries. Our Joy works expanded across so many areas of need, including differently-abled, vulnerable children of all kinds, care for women, caregivers support, mature support, prison workshops and even frail care. In the past 5 years we’ve expanded our programs in ECD, youth and young peoples emotional wellness too.

We invite you to support and or join us as we continue to enthuse more joy in Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, Businesses and Communities.