What people say…

We have had such positive responses from the teachers. The teachers love the program, it brings relaxation to our minds. We become uplifted, it makes us fresh and ready to tackle the world. We also believe this music is helping the children in gross motor development as well as creative development. After l<aren’s sessions the children have tended to be more attentive and even attentive to the different tones of teachers. Although they are excited after sessions, they always sleep peacefully and they are collected.

Chasmay Educare, Masicorp, 2021

Just a special thanks to say how much we appreciate your program for our children – especially in these hard times not being able to go out or see family. The children absolutely love it – you and your team are well appreciated.

South African Children’s Home, 2021

I’m one of the social work managers at cape mental health.This was the most affirming exercise or activity that I’ve ever had.

Hasina parker, Cape Mental Health

I did the joy workshop and it was absolutely fantastic. I had a moment of complete and utter vulnerability, and I felt so safe amongst the people that were in the group, and I learned how to take that vulnerability and change it into a joyous experience and rewire my brain, and I really appreciated having this opportunity.

Adriana – 22yrs – After Joy Training

I just want to say that the UP really does give you the space to experience joy and love and the BRAGG tool, which you learn about, really opens up the space for you to realise that there is a way to work your way around frustration and to find your roots and guide yourself through problems and issues, but in a delightful manner.

– Steph – 19yrs Trained UP Youth – Garden Route

Wow. Wow.Wow.

I came here with high expectations and it has definitely been met. I now know how to love and others, and I now feel more free. And I just feel this sense of upliftment and it’s just been an amazing time in the space of two hours.