We UPlift Educators & Learners

Our programs are tailors to the needs of the group. We focus specifically on two groups in the Education Sector – the Learners and the Educators in Tertiary, Secondary and Universities. These groups have specific needs and we support them separately.


The UP has been running Outreach Joy sessions at ECD centers since 2020, offering young children the opportunity to release energy, play, resolve emotions, and learn coping skills. We have collaborated with MasiCorp in Cape Town, running rewarding sessions that both children and teachers loved. Through these sessions, we create a joyful and supportive environment for the development of young minds.


UP has conducted numerous outreach joy sessions at youth centers, schools, and children’s homes over the past 20 years. Each session for learners is tailored to the specific group, providing JOY tools to help participants manage difficult emotions, develop empathy, and cultivate joy in their own lives. Through these interventions, we empower young individuals to face their limitations and live their best lives.

We also offer UP4JOY, the all-win-together transformation game. This innovative game helps learners develop emotional intelligence, build strong relationships, and find joy in everyday experiences. See below for more information on how UP4JOY can transform your school community.

Join us in creating a joyful, supportive environment where learners can thrive and reach their full potential.


Our mission is to scale joy (emotional and mental wellness in South Africa). We see sUPporting and developing educators and learners to have fun, while inspiring them to each take better care for themselves, each other, and uphold their school core values – will support all to flourish together.

That’s what we are UP for!

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For learners – we have also devleoped – UP4JOY – the game

NOW also a Transformation Game, this 8 week experience has already effected so many lives. We have also tailored this power game into a new television programme “UP4JOY – all Win together” – developed over the past few years and piloted in The Overberg region of south Africa.

UP4JOY was co-created by young people, for young people – to inspire each other to take care of themselves, each other and their communities

see TV show – treatment CLICK here.

In 2022 this extraordinary 8 week transformation change game supported 9 young people to take on living their best lives, and 6 of the 9 graduates have been trained UP as joy facilitators to lead the game going forward, part of our SCALE UP.

Tailored Sessions

We tailor JOY sessions in person and online for children from previously disadvantaged communities.

Our Joy Sessions are:

  • About 45 minutes long
  • Guided by our professionally trained Joy Catalysts (facilitators of joy)
  • Tailored to the predominant age and culture
  • Designed to leave the children and/ or youth emotionally uplifted, enthused and inspired!

Why we do this

Emotional and Mental Wellness is paramount to all humankind’s ability to be active citizens and their own abilities to be resourceful, creative and even innovative. It is our passion with The UP, to ensure all children receive access to these inspired joy sessions.

Our beneficiaries

Our sessions are brought to Children’s Homes, Schools, Special Needs / Differently Abled homes and even partnered NPO’s community organisations.

If you’re part of a previously disadvantaged school and you would like your school to experience a session like this, please submit your request below. (For affluent schools, please go to secretsunrise.com)

School Joy Training

Powerful 1-3 hour JOY Training sessions for children aged 12 and UP – these sessions equip the youth to become the source of JOY. Plus sessions for teachers too. Living joyfully, in an UPlifted state of of being – is a skill we have been passionately teaching since 2005.

Our sessions are tailor-made for all ages and support the learners / teachers to choose to be mindful, compassionate, empathic and as we put it; “practice being both human and KIND, no matter what the world gives us.”

For more information on how the children in your school can learn these joy tools – please contact us.

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