We are on a next level mission!

UP level JOY and GROW HOPE & FOOD in South Africa together!

Our first 20 years, we uplifted an excess of 50K beneficiaries on frugal budgets averaging under R200K per year.

Might you imagine the scaled UP impact we can achieve – with your support?

We worked consistently enhancing our programs & methodologies across our diverse reach of different peoples in Southern Africa (and planted seeds in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and even reached as far as Kenya) and now it’s time to receive to give heaps more! We are taking the guidance of our advisors and scaling UP our JOY WORKS, then in partnership with numerous affiliate partners and stakeholders we will be rolling out our joy inspiring – food growing programs simultaneously too.

PROBLEM (and solution)

Right now – Emotional and mental wellness is at an all time low, many say it’s reaching pandemic proportions, and food security is a grave concern too.

The UP has a creative solution to swiftly support the people of South Africa to become the active citizens that are needed in these shifting times, this requires an investment of US $2.2 million which rolls out in 3 phases.


With phase One, we require US $1 million.

This will transform us from a part time consulting & outreach team, to a full time organisation, with an expanded team of joy facilitators – strategically and actively supporting joy and food security, in at least 4 regions of South Africa. This phase is focused on scaling systems for driving our emotional wellness & food security programs and additional content deliverables.

We will expand our training of trainers and joy facilitators, action our outreach rollout (in partnership with food security stakeholders in each region).

Our core content deliverables are to scale UP social media and complete the production of The UP’s first two television programs, THRIVORS and UP4Joy.


“How might we all move beyond survivor & be Thrivors. A 21 day human experiment, 45 active citizens, see if they can all win together as they support the world around them to win too”

Season 1 was shot in Netflix quality, 6 episodes are in post production, The UP is a co-producer in this ground-breaking new South African reality tv show. See more on Thrivors.TV


This is an 8-week game / tv show / app and movement – co-created by young people for young people. Witness their journey as young people face their past stories, overcome fears, and become leaders of the NOW generation. Guided by young facilitators (the co-creators of the game), they discover the power of self-development and the purposeful joy of supporting each other. This authentic and inspiring experience culminates in a celebration of transformation, proving that with UP4JOY, everyone wins together.

Both this inspired 8 week program & the TV show of the experience were piloted in 2022, now it’s time to run another with high quality television production.
We will fully create, produce and distribute Season 1.
See treatment here


Our second phase which only requires US$800k, will involve sustaining the expansion of outreach, social media content creation & 2 further television productions.

By this stage, the UP will be generating income from the first 2 television productions, and enhanced monthly donors gathered from our TV showcasing – securing our sustainability.


By the end of this final phase, which requires US$400k will have produced further online and TV content, and we will have expanded our outreach throughout South Africa and our joy works will be working in at least 4 other neighboring countries too.

Plus we will have secured large scale income from content sales, subscribers and merchandise sales.

JOIN UP – let’s scale joy and bring solutions to food security together!Keep in mind, UP’s first 20 years, reached 50 000 beneficiaries, showing that we know how to maximise return from our budgets!

We are all grown UP and ready to reach hundreds of thousands.

Imagine what we can do for the upliftment of Southern Africa, with a partner like yourself.

Our scale UP program is ambitious as well as achievable, and we thank you for your time and consideration.

Please contact UP on fundraising(at)theup.org.za