Our Team

We’re a family on a mission to share joy, grow hope and UPskill ourselves and all others. Since mid 2022, The UP has been building a strong team of advisors, directors and other key players to sUPport UP to scale UP. These include certified physicians, licensed psychotherapists and social workers, as well as leading television distributors, producers and show runners, and leaders in social enterprises, and startup innovation. All agree UP is ready to scale UP and test our model, to see if it can become a change leader – on a global scale.

Our Board of Directors


Nicola Jackman, our founding cheerlady, impact producer, and joyful catalyst. With 32+ years of captivating performances, and global facilitation, she spreads joy and transforms lives, inspiring all to step UP & co-create a flourishing peaceful world for all.


Jenny Braun, is passionate about bringing joy and upliftment to little people and has written 3 children’s books and facilitated numerous story sessions for little and big people. She’s a core part of our ECD curriculum development.


Karen Justine, intuitive facilitator of movement, shares joy worldwide through music & movement training. She believes in the power of flow and presence to call in a life of gratitude. Karen’s one of our leading “Joy Catalysts” in Cape Town.

Our Advisory Board

Sixolile Mabombo-Benson (CGMA, ACMA)

Experienced CMA specializing in financial & operational management for non-profit & for-profit orgs. LGBTQ+ advocate driving authentic leadership & inclusive impact.

Shahir Chundra (AFDA Degree in Motion Picture Medium)

Experienced showrunner, producer, director & content producer in media production. Skilled in camera operation, film & TV production, and writing. Strong professional with degrees in Motion Picture Medium & Acting for Film.

Torsten Kremser (Founder BetterME.org)

Experienced Strategic/ Marketing/ Creative Director & Transformational/ Executive Coach. Strong professional background in Leadership Development and Organizational Systems Design.

Dr Bianke Van Rooyen
Scale up sustainable coordinator

Registered counsellor, advocate for social change and passionate about being part of processes that supports the well-being of children and youth. Values connection with others and has a keen interest in other healing modalities such as mindfulness and breathwork. Strongly believes in the integration of body and mind for healing to take place.

Our Team

Emily Jones
Operations Manager

Simone Franks
Creative Coordinator

Tarryn Grobler
Media Management

JOY catalysts

Lebo Wamopeli
Eastern Cape Coordinator

Susy MAcFarlane
Schools Curriculum

Minnelie Minnaar
ECD Curriculum

Lauren Manual
PR Advisor

Joy Facilitators

Julian Wenn, Alice Cowley Owen / Allicat, Cheye Breed, Sadia Chand, Fred – Cecil John Frederik Hayman, Talia Aviv Hughes, Lanel Van Der Kolff, Siyasanga Nokama

Apprentice Joy Facilitators

Beverley Bartlett, Nicky Lewis, Bevan van Druten, Simone Franks, Hayley Skerritt, Candice Zita Goldschmidt, Cornelia van Breda, Hélène botha, Jeanne-Louise Lamont, Sanja Lutzeyer, Kim Pistorius, Margaret Ann Sullivan (Margie) and Soretha Winder

Affiliated Partners

“We stand together sharing joy and kindness, we all win as we joyfully take care of ourselves, each other and the world together”