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WE UPLIFT Caregivers!

Our 20 years developed methodologies are distilled in our tailor-made joy sessions!

 At The UP, we deeply value the importance of the emotional wellness, inner strength, as well as enhanced soft skills – to support people in these times.

We especially hold a core focus on service industries and people who serve people, with a great history in UPlifting caregivers in clinics and hospitals around South Africa.

Our professionally trained Joy Facilitators – combine their talents with UP’s methodologies and tailor-make all joy sessions to your needs – ensuring enhanced results.

Our Joy Session sessions continue to support teams, provide emotional release, infuse JOY, and incorporate creativity and fun, which enhances team morale and even brings access to resolving conflicts.

We pair our creative facilitation and self expression joy sessions, with key joy tools & emotional resilience skills. Witnessing again and again – session after session that teams are UPlifted and that they don’t just cope with their challenges, but through JOY Tools (life-skills) they see how they can flourish and enjoy their good works.

Benefits of our sessions

Renewed motivation, creativity, morale, and meaning in life.

Increased energy and resilience to stress.

Elevated enthusiasm and increased well-being.

Alleviation of symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety and panic attacks.

The Experience

When a group has had a shared uplifting experience – they see each other differently for all time. The past challenges and conflicts seem less important and the foundation for more compassion and care exists.

HumanKIND has the ability to be both human and KIND – here we might all flourish together!


  • Choose between a once off team boost / icebreaker  (45 mins) or a power intensive training sessions (2-3 hours) with joy tools and interactive games.
  • Our paid sessions help cover costs of our outreach sessions.
  • Our OUTREACH sessions are free for NGO’s, government institutions, marginalised community and CBO’s (our fundraising ensures these joy sessions happen in 4 regions)

Click below if you are a not for profit and or a community organisation and you would like to request a free joy session for your group.


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JOY session for your people…



Joy Training

Join our family of Joy Facilitators by becoming accredited through our training program – let’s expand joy and hope together.

Join UP

Joy for Women

Our Joy Sessions & joy tools are tailored to actively support trauma impacted women - of all ages to leave the victim story and BLOOM again!

Uplift OUR Women

JOY for Young People

UP4JOY - Inspiring Children, Youth & Young Adults to be kind, caring and active in community. We also bring inspired JOY training to school going children